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Passing-off: Protecting the brand, goodwill and reputation of a business

Posted by Carscallen LLP on Feb 4, 2020 1:25:42 PM

Written by Catherine A. Crang and Suzanne M. Porteous

The law of passing-off in Canada originated with deceit and trademark laws in the nineteenth century. It subsequently evolved to become a common law tort used to protect businesses from competitors who misuse their trademark or trade name in connection with the goods and services offered by the competitor. It is often summarized by the now antiquated statement that “no man should pass off his goods as those of another”.

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Topics: Commercial Litigation

Partition and sale of co-owned property

Posted by Carscallen LLP on Nov 20, 2019 11:02:27 AM

Written by Nicholas M. Ramessar

When a relationship breaks down between two or more co-owners of a property, any party has a legal right under the provincial Law of Property Act[1] (the “Act”) to apply to the Court to terminate the co-ownership of the property.

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Topics: Commercial Litigation

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